Oct 4, 2015

Another Crummy Day

Life Pursuit cover - Belle and Sebastian

Original lyric by Belle and Sebastian (YouTube)

(Was surprised to hear this in a Hampton Inn TV spot, I assume the first time the band’s music has been used for such purposes here in the States)

Another crummy day, I’m levered up with full margin
You were biased short, I went long, beg your pardon
I viewed an hourly graph of QQQs with an envelope border
It broke my heart to see the bottom limit breached

Another range-bound day, I’m trapped just outside a pivot
Stocks turn and recoil, seems you know it’s the wrong bet
You’ve got an attack algo taking out the naïve longs
And by Sunday margin bells ring out on the desks

Another daily swoon, just past eleven stocks free-fall
We’re trading for our lives, the HFTs give us fuck all
I saw you in the corner of my eye in cash on the sidelines
Your dark smirk greets me with pathological greed

Now all my margin’s gone, the stock you picked took a nose dive
My longs all take a rout, and hit my stops after midnight
I spent the evening brooding at the all-night cinema
I found you laughing in Row 3, as your shorts fill
Your Smarties wrappers in Row 3, they’re sitting there still

There’s someone rigging SPY, a little dip so beguiling
Risked my life to buy, hopin’ it hits a new high
I heard that Virtu’s code removes obstructions with spoofs, dear
They quote-spammed SPY, I wonder why you didn’t complain
They turned back SPY, now I know why -- you shorted again

Your trading’s so obsessed, what happened to our mutual feelings?
I thought it was for real, was pricing rings, practiced kneeling
You’re words suspend my trust in spending a lifetime together
So what went wrong, was it a lie?   We’ve drifted apart
Six figures trading index futures stole your heart