Sep 5, 2015

Yellen, It Was Really Nothing

William, It Was Really Nothing

With music by The Smiths (YouTube)

The pain hits hard in this hedge fund town
The Dow has dragged you down
Oh, the blame falls hard as the pensions drown
The Fed has let you down
Oh, no

And everybody tried to catch this knife  
And god knows I've bought the declines  
God, now I've got to resign

Yellen, Yellen it was really nothing
Yellen, Yellen it was really nothing
… it was their retirement

How can you stay with a Fed Chair who’ll say
“Oh, would you like some more QE?
And, if you’d like, rates at minus-three
It might start a new upswing”

Would she like to bury me?
Thinks the market’s on a string
I don't believe in anyone
Except myself

Oh, Janet, Janet you are really something
Janet, Janet
Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh