Sep 2, 2015

Don't You Spoof Me

Human League - Don't You Want Me

Alternate mix of the 80s MTV staple by The Human League (YouTube)

You were trading index futures using high-low bars
When I met you
They stopped you out and shook you up
Till I turned things ‘round
And taught you how to quote-spam too

Now five years later on you've got Wall Street at your feet
Success is just too easy for you
But don't forget I know how you got where you are now
And I could call the Feds in too

Don't, don't you spoof me
You know I can't believe it when I hear that you won't fill me
Don't, don't you spoof me
You know I don't believe you when you say you won’t mislead me

Your Sells all loom with size, then shrink when prices rise
You’d better change it back or we will both be sorry
Don't you spoof me, baby     Don't you spoof me, oh

{Woman, bemused}
I was trading ES futures using high-low bars
That much is true
But I don’t spoof, ‘cause now I've found a much better place
With a firm called ‘Virtu’
In five years you had winning days such few times:  just 502
So now it’s sub-penny quotes and 1-share odd-lots
I guess it's just what I must do

{Man, unconvinced}
Don't!  Don't you spoof me     You know I can't believe it ...