Aug 14, 2015

Light My Fire

The Doors

To be sung to the music of The Doors (YouTube)

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you:   Bond yields couldn't get much higher

C’mon Powell, light my fire;  c’mon JP, take rates higher
Try to set the markets on fire

The time to levitate is through
No time to follow all the buyers
With SPY now, you could only lose
Even doves think that it’s gone too high

C’mon on, J-Man, stoke those fires;  c’mon on Jerome, set rates higher
Dyin’ to see the markets on fire       Oh, Yeah

{insert dense, California 60s-style instrumental break}

The time to self-inflate is through
For firms that borrow and then buy
Cry now, ‘cause you’re gonna lose
With the shares that you reacquire

C’mon Jay-P, let them perspire;  c’mon Fed-Head, gas the fire
Light these markets on fire

You know, I’d even eat fondue
Of melted-down Uber tires
If Trump was to say to you
“Girl, these rates should be much higher”

C’mon J-Low, light my fire;  c’mon Chair-Man, smite those buyers
Try to set the markets on fire, try to set the markets on fire
Gotta get this right, or ‘You’re fired’