May 26, 2015

Doves Will Tear Us Apart

Love Will Tear Us Apart (cover) - Joy Division

To the music of Joy Division (YouTube)

When shorting bites hard
And Fed Funds stay low
And leverage rides high
But incomes won’t grow
And we don’t ‘sell in May’
Taking off in ramp mode

Doves, doves will tear us apart again

Why did the volume go cold?
Turned away the buy side
Is their timing that flawed?
GDP well’s run dry
Yet stocks still seem surreal
The Bull’s slept through nine lives

Doves, doves will tear it apart again

No breakout for the sheep
All your flailing exposed
As we trace out a top
Desperation takes hold
Largest markets in the world
Just can’t function no more

Doves, doves will rip it apart again
Doves. doves will tear us apart again