May 21, 2015

Crappy Together

Happy Together - The Turtles

Music by The Turtles (YouTube)

Imagine price discovery, I do
I think about it day and night, it’s just not fair
That our Fed Chair’s such a dove, but I’m a bear
So crappy together

If they should lock her up, invent a crime
The longs of the world would panic, jump in the Rhine
Imagine how my FAZ would trade, so very fine
Liebfraumilch would taste better

I can’t see rates hiked above .002
For all my life
Even if Lacker holds his breath and turns blue
Or pulls a knife

Me and her, and her and me
The worst Chair in the world for bears
Since Benny B
The buy-stop on my AAPL short’s at $603
So crappy together

Like economists and leather, so crappy together
Guess I’ll go long bellwethers

Ba-ba-ba-Ba, ba-ba-ba-ba …