Apr 20, 2015

Lost in the Super Market

The Clash - London Calling cover

Music by The Clash (YouTube)

I'm all lost in the ‘super’ market
I can no longer short happily
They came in here for an implied offer
A guarantee of more QE

I wasn't stopped out so much as rubbed out
It’s like a bus ran over me
We have a saying back home in the suburbs:
Your cracked skull you never can see

As stocks head back to the ceiling,
my Brahms price alert’s scarin’ me
Hearing that sound used to be appealing
Now it means they’re all around me

I'm all lost in this pseudo-market
Longer term horizontally
Only flash boys can fill their coffers,
bending price telepathically

I’m out to win, but see buy programs
I’m short Groupon & Green Mountain tea
I’m short that giant, hip biotech exchange fund
They open the throttle, I’ll feel a bit peeved

Neighbors’ brawls through the pipes in the walls
Are apt market commentary
Long dated calls reward bull market molls
As we gyrate from red to green

I feel lost in this stupor market
Volume’s running like ‘93
As the bids outstrip the offers
Absence of rationality

I'm all lost ...