Mar 18, 2015

You're So Lame

Carly Simon - You're So Vain

original by Carly Simon (You Tube)

You walked in to the press room like you were walking into a yacht
Your beard strategically trimmed above the neck, your tie a bull-green ascot
You had one eye on the markets as you watched yourself go by
And all the hedgies dreamed they’d be your partner, they’d be your partner

You’re so lame, don't even think this post is about you
You’re so lame, I bet you think this post ain't about you -- don’t you ?

Well you duped me several years ago, when I was still long duration
You said you planned to normalize, before we saw inflation
Well you made the case you were no dove
and fooled no one . . . but me

I had some shorts -- now they’re shrouds in my coffee, shrouds in my coffee
You’re so lame …. etc.

Well, I hear you went up to Jackson Hole, and your plan won support
Then you flew your team back just in time
to see the total eclipse of the shorts
Well you leaked to press shills all the time, and before they print, they'd get
some under-priced SPY for their wives and their close friends,
wives and their close friends

You’re so lame, don't even know this post is about you . . .