Mar 4, 2015

QE is the Drug

With a little help from Roxy Music (You Tube)

‘Tain't no big thing to wait for the bell to ring
‘Tain’t no big thing, the opening bell …

I trade futures, most every day
Thanks to the Fed, they’re all long plays
Markets are bubblin up - what's in store?
QE is the drug and I need to score
But lately I’m not sure enough, it’s hit and run
Trade meets stop in a big beat-down
Trendline’s tight, can't shake free
The Fed’s the dealer, got their hooks in me

Oh-oh, catch that buzz, QE is the drug I'm thinking of
Oh-oh, can't you see, QE’s the drug for me

Late at night I park my car
Meet the margin clerk at the sushi bar
Face to face, toe to toe
Need more time ‘til ES finds a floor
He asks for Maintenance, then I frown
Grab his collar, we tumble to the ground
I say “No!” -- he says “Yes”
Wasabi flyin’, you can guess the rest

Oh-oh, catch that buzz, QE is the drug . . .