Mar 2, 2015

Lyin' ICE

Eagles - One of These Nights cover

Courtesy of The Eagles (You Tube)

Traders’ wives just seem to find out early
How to sniff out their husband’s position size
No leveraged holds, and she won't have to worry
They'll share dinners at eight and go in style

Late afternoon, his trading desk sits lonely
I guess every way of living has its vice
And it breaks her heart to find her lover Tony
Making risky bets with Nat Gas trades on ICE

So she claims to meet a Persian master weaving
A carpet for their big new flat downtown
But he knows where she's going as she's leaving
She’s headed for her attorney at Mayer Brown

You can't hide your lines on ICE
And your SPY is a thin disguise
She learned TradeStation, you realize
There ain't no way to hide your lyin' ICE

On the other side of town her lawyer’s waiting
With choir-boy eyes, he schemes with nerves of steel
He thrives on their her fights, anticipating
That he can make her hear the things she wants to hear

She blushes from his charms (“we’re good together”)
He tells her he's been lonely for awhile
He swears that soon he'll become her man forever
She signs the papers and leaves him with a smile

{Repeat CHORUS}

He wakes up and sets his Keurig to “Stun”
And watches Nat Gas break to the downside
A red candle, it's gonna be a long one
Then algos ramp his 20 shares of SPY

He wonders how his methods got so hazy
He thinks about his friends from the dark pool
Was he too wired or did he just go crazy?
A margin call, he feels just like a fool

Low or high, each time the bell on the exchange rings
You screw it up so well, so artfully
Eight crummy 19” monitors couldn’t change things
You’re still the same old trader you used to be

You can't hide those lines on ICE
And that SPY is a cheap disguise
The account’s Joint Tenant, please realize
There ain't no way to hide your lyin' ICE
Honey, you can't hide your trades on ICE