Mar 10, 2015

Janet Don't Lose That Number

Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic cover

adapted from Steely Dan (You Tube)

We hear you're tightening, that's OK
I thought our wild market ride had just begun  
I guess somebody scared you - did Fisher pull a gun?
But you could have a change of heart

Janet, let's roll a number
Before you make a move you might regret
Meditate in the forest by yourself
Janet, let’s roll a number
It's the only drug you want
You can tell them you have glaucoma
If you get caught

I have a friend in town, he's cursed your name
We can hit your PING driver toward Plosser’s home
We could stay inside and read Keynes, I don't know
And you could have a change of heart

Janet, don’t lose that number
You won't want to smoke anything else
I'll teach you to roll them by yourself
Janet, don’t smoke two numbers
You’ll get more stoned than you want
You should get some barbecue Pringles
On your way home

You tell yourself “it takes all kinds”
But now you ask me where you can find it
What about that change of heart?