Mar 1, 2015

Beyoncé vs. Goldman Sachs

Beyonce Halo

music by Beyoncé (You Tube)

Remember that code you built?
Well, baby, it’s crumbling down
You didn't even put up a fight
You couldn't survive one round

I found a way to get a win
But it came at quite a cost:
I’m standing in the darkness of Hades
Yeah - I got my own algo now

All my principles forsaken
Every rule, I had to break ‘em
But it's a risk worth takin’
You ain't never gonna shut me out

Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your disgrace
I’ll see you in Hades
But at least I won’t lose the race

You're everything I loathe and more
It's written all over my face
You’ll feel me in Hades
And I won’t soon go away

[Chorus]   I’ll see you in Hades (Hades, Hades)

Shining like the Devil’s sun
Burning through the darkest night
You're VWAP code’s the one that I want
I'm addicted to this fight

I swore I'd never fail again
But this almost feels like failing
Perhaps gravity might relent
And let me above ground again

Feels like I'm self-forsaken
Every rule I made, I’m breakin’
But through this risk that I'm takin'
Now you’ll never have another rout

Everywhere I'm looking now
I've joined you in pure disgrace
I can see the doors to Hades
The wicked just lost the race

It’s everything I need and more
It’s written all over my face
I feel the power of this place
And pray it won’t faded away

I’ll see you in Hades (Hades, Hades)