Feb 21, 2015

Tonight’s the Night (Gonna See New Highs)

Rod Stewart

courtesy of Rod Stewart (YouTube)

Stay away from the bedroom
Stay away from your ‘Shades of Grey’
Re-connect the T1 line
Make some coffee, re-cork that wine

Slip on your shoes, and please don’t frown
Cover up that pretty French gown
Fire up TradeStation – here’s the link
Ooh, Babe!  Not now – I need to think, cause

Tonight's the night
We take stocks to new highs
While the shorts all sleep
Ain't nobody gonna stop us now

Please click the mouse, and not my thigh
Can’t you control your base desires?
You’d be a fool to miss this spike
Lift your hedge and I’ll come in with size, cause

Tonight's the night
We’re gonna see new highs
While the shorts make love
Ain't nobody gonna stop us now

Don't make a move, my frisky child
Let’s just let our profits ride
An ‘all-time high’ is about to unfold
Good god - your toes are cold!

Tonight's the night …