Feb 21, 2015

Sounds of Silence

Simon & Garfunkel

adapted from Simon & Garfunkel (YouTube)

Hello Buy Stop, my old friend
I need to talk with you again
Because the market’s softly creeping
Goosed by HFTs while I was sleeping
And the derision that was planted in my brain
Further inflames
Leaving only thoughts of violence

Through restless nights I watch my phone          
Little charts in monochrome
'Neath the glare of my flashlight app
I raised my fist against this endless ramp  
When my eyes were stabbed    
By a wick-less candle’s light, piercing new highs
Heralding the throes of crisis

I, with my naked short, forswore
Ten thousand dollars, maybe more
I walked the streets for hours without speaking
Police inquiries -- I wasn't listening  
In a “Cramer Sucks” t-shirt I seldom wear
No one dared
Disturb this trudge of silence

“Fools” said I, “you do not know
How algos like a cancer grow
Read Lewis that he might teach you
Follow Nanex that he might reach you”
But my words like lead feathers fell
And echoed with the wail of sirens

The big firms then reared back and neighed          
Stud hexadecimal horse they’d made
And the VIX flashed out its warning
An epic slam was still forming
The signs said, 'The last of your profits
Are flushing down the restroom stalls
Toward Goldman’s trawls’
And my forehead blistered in silence