Feb 26, 2015

7 Chinese Hackers

apologies to R.E.M. (You Tube)

The smell of sweet & sour pork, women offers, pull up a seat
Drank 3 free Suntory’s, now brain spins ‘n’ rattles
Laptop sleep on wake reveals password Post-It color
Special characters could not spell the birthday of your daughter          

7 Chinese hackers stalling your promotion
7 Norton scans won’t sweep away the pain
They'll return, they will return

This mellow, sweet Shaoxing wine, woman offered, sipped a pair
Checkin’ eHarmony now -- guess you lost that battle
Beat your heels like Man of Steel to restroom’s seedy corner
Back too late to see Admin rights become 7 others

7 Chinese hackers causing your demotion
18 malware scans won’t sweep away the stain
They will return, they'll return …